InspireTalkTV was launched on the 3rd July 2017, in collaboration with Business First Magazine.

This exciting new digital TV show will be broadcasting regular interviews with serial entrepreneurs, CEO's, business experts, TV personalities, celebrities, and other distinguished guests, in high-definition (HD) format.  

For the inaugural launch phase, we have a line-up of high profile guests that will be interviewed by Federico Re, and their stories featured across this exclusive publication, and broadcasted across the globe.  We estimate an audience of more than 1 million viewers and readers during the inaugural launch phase.  

You will hear their insights, their stories to success, as well as learn from their extensive knowledge-base spanning across a vast array of business sectors including retail, leadership, investment, security, education, technology, and so much more.

The InspireTalkTV program will be an extension to its traditional online broadcasting show (InspireTalk Radio), and now include a comprehensive media service incorporating TV production, feature stories, article placement and syndication, media distribution, and sponsorship.

Our core mission for InspireTalkTV is to"Broadcast Your Voice of Influence across the Globe".