Tim Conolan is no ordinary business man....

He is the CEO & Founder of TLC for Kids.  A children's charity organisation he established back in 1998, with a core mission to provide support for sick kids and their families.

In 2014, Tim was nominated the 'Australian of the Year - Local Hero' award, as well as being voted the 'EY 2014 Social Entrepreneur'  award in the Southern Region. He's also an 'Australia Day Ambassador'.

Over the past 20 years, under the influential leadership of Tim, TLC for Kids has collaborated with over 400 hospitals around Australia, positively impacting the lives of many children, through philanthropy, fundraising, service delivery, community support, major fundraising campaigns and working with major donors.

Tim's daily mantra is: "With effort, dreams become reality"

During this 30 minute intimate chat with Tim, I will be uncovering the lessons that can be learnt from an Aussie Fundraising Expert and how this can catapult your business.  

In particular, I will be exploring:

1. What inspired Tim to build a career within the 'fundraising' sector;

2. The challenges he faced during the earlier years of start-up;

3. His philosophy to disruption and why it's important to pioneer and go against the grain;

4. What it takes to be a 'game changer', and why this is important to create new opportunities;

5. What skills are needed to be a successful entrepreneur and compete against your rivals;

6.  The importance of influential leadershipstrategic partnerships, and venture capital;

6. The future landscape of charity and fundraising and what opportunities this will bring to the marketplace and start-ups; 

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