Check out what some of our guests had to say about their experiences of being on the show.........


“I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Federico as part of his InspireTalk series.  He is a great interviewer and it was a terrific experience which certainly provided a fantastic platform to shine a light on fundraising and business ethics in general. I also really appreciated the opportunity to raise awareness about TLC for Kids, a cause that is very close to my heart. If the opportunity arises to be interviewed by Federico, I suggest you take up the offer.  Thank you once again for what you are doing."

Tim Conolan - Founder & CEO - TLC for Kids


“I found Federico to be a thoughtful and engaging interviewer. I enjoyed the opportunity to share some of my personal experiences and influences from my career to date, and of course expanding on my love and passion for all things food”  

George Calombaris - Chef & Restaurateur


"Federico is fascinating.  Federico is fascinated.  Federico wants to transform the state of small business world-wide, and it was a delight meeting with him and engaging in a conversation.  Thankyou Federico."

Michael E. Gerber - Author of 'E-myth' books


"Recently I was interviewed by Federico Re and throughout the process, I felt quite comfortable and as a Personal Branding Leader, I had the confidence to shine and add value with tips and depth to an audience eager to learn more about how their personal brand can attract opportunities and be authentic at the same time. I'm glad to have been of value"

Zahrina Robertson - Branding Photographer


"Just gotten off the air with Federico on 'InspireTalk', and had a great time engaging with some felllow fans over in Australia.  I would like to recommend the show to anyone wanting to learn about being an inspired Entrepreeur"

Jacob Warwick - Digital Marketing Specialist


"I have just had a fabulous chat with the team of Inspire Talk and it’s always great to see young entrepreneurs getting together to share they’re efforts, they’re ideas of how to take businesses from little things to big things. It was really good to have intelligent, strong and in-depth questions, I had plenty of time to answer that and I really enjoyed the experience. I really encourage all of you to tune in when you can and coming live or you can watch the replay." 

Joe Cross - Chairman & CEO (Reboot Holdings)


"Stuart and Ranil, I wanted to thank you guys for the opportunity to be on InspireTalk today and share that message that I have. Its really important the work that you guys are doing collecting people with success and people with something to share, and sharing with the world. So I want to both praise what you are doing and recommend that people pay attention not just because Im here but with all the other cool people that you are bringing and the wisdom that you are bringing to help people inspire and grow their lives and make more out of themselves than they are currently experiencing. Thank you for having me, I really love your show."

Kellan Fluckiger - Kellan Fluckiger International


"Hi I’m Lisa messenger founder and editor-in-chief of Collective Hub. I have absolutely loved and I’m extraordinary grateful for Fed and Laura having me on Inspire Talk. 
I think it’s just such an amazing show for all entrepreneurs and everyone should listen him."

Lisa Messenger - Collective Hub


"It was fantastic to be interviewed for Inspire Talk. It was my first interview about the startup & it was amazing to have people listening from the other side of the world. 

It was an honour to share my experiences and also to connect with similar people and those that have been inspired.

I've also loved listening to the interviews of entrepreneurs in Australia via Inspire Talk; albeit via the recorded video due to the time difference!

I'd definitely encourage other people to share their experiences, I've had the chance to connect with lots of people from around the world as part of it and it was great fun and a real honour to be a part of it !"

Rachel Moan - Virgin StartUp Entrepreneur


"I had the great pleasure to be interviewed by Stuart and his colleague Federico Re on their Inspire Talk radio show recently and it was an absolute delight from the very start. Stuart's passion to bring great content to his listening audience is evident in the quality of the questions he asked. His friendly professional approach as an interviewer and host was excellent and he engaged the audience and brought them into an interactive conversation. I would recommend anyone to subscribe to Inspire Talk as Stuart and his colleagues are committed to bring the best game changes in the business on to their show to share gold tips with the audience. 
I feel privileged to be included among them."

Julie Mason - LinkedIn Sales Strategist


"From the first contact with Federico Re on LinkedIn, I knew this must be a successful person.  It shone through every professional point of contact. Federico invited me to appear on their ‘Inspire Talk’ Radio Show after I commented on one of his LinkedIn posts. His reminders were always professional and friendly and had clear action steps.  A sound and video quality test a week ahead of our show assured me that they prepare as best they can for every eventuality.  I found Federico and his conversation partner, Stuart Harris, welcoming and relaxed and they put me completely at ease about the possibility of technology glitches. They created a warm atmosphere for a candid, natural conversation. A great experience to dialogue with both of these gentlemen and I’d highly recommend working with either if you have the opportunity"

Liesel Teversham Author of NO problem. The Upside of Saying No.” and “Coping with a Dying Pet