14th August

Episode #3:  "How a Female Influencer disrupted the face of Media and Advertising as well as her own Industry"

This 20 minute discussion between Federico Re and Taryn Williams at her Sydney Headquarters will reveal:

1.    What first inspired her to pursue a career within the modelling industry, and whether she ever envisaged a career as an entrepreneur ?

2.    What opportunities she first envisaged within the media / advertising arena when starting out ?

3.    Why mentors are so important, and which person (family, friend, public figure, etc) influenced her the most in her earlier years ?

4.    How she is disrupting the digital market / creative industries in terms of social media, advertising, etc ?

5.    What challenges do female entrepreneurs face in the marketplace today, with regards to maintaining their reputation as successful business leaders ?

6.    How she remains competitive within her market place, and how crucial is technology, versus investment, versus marketing ?

7.    Why talent is so important when fostering an entrepreneurial culture within her organisation ?

8.    Why education is so important for young aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women ?

9.    What her favourite quote or philosophy is, and how this can be relevant to other female business leaders ?

10. The short and long-term future of the digital landscape, and what changes will take place from her perspective ?