The Early Years - InspireTalk Radio was founded

The vision and concept behind InspireTalk was pioneed by Serial Entrepreneur Federico Re in May, 2015. InspireTalk Radio was thus born and officially launched with the support of his team and co-hosts Stuart Harris, Ranil Rajapaksha, and Laura Huxley. 

InspireTalk Logo - 2016 NEW-larger.jpg

Interviews were aired live via Google Hangout, with high profile guests like George Calombaris ('MasterChef'), Michael E. Gerber ('E-myth' books), Janine Allis ('Boost Juice'), Sam Moran (ex Yellow 'Wiggle'), Joe Cross ('Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead'), Jack Delosa ('The Entourage'), and other industry influencers, appearing on the show.

Interview with Jack Delosa - "Disrupting Business Education through passion, innovation and collaboration"

Interview with Rachel Moan - "The journey from humble beginnings to Virgin Start-up Entrepreneur - and how you can too"

Interview with Lisa Messenger - "How to Develop Your Own Successful Career with the Right Blend of Creativity, Innovation and Lifestyle"

Interview with Joe Cross - "How to create maximum exposure and revenue growth using simple disruption methods that you can use today"

Interview with Sam Moran - "Finding Your Life Role Through Simply Helping Others - A Story of Inspiring Children Through Music and Entertainment"

Interview with Janine Allis - "How to Fight your Fears whilst pursuing your Dream Career"

Interview with George Calombaris - "How Love & Passion for Food inspired an Aussie Chef & Restaurateur"

The Re-launch - InspireTalk TV was founded

InspireTalk was re-launched as a digital TV show on the 3rd July 2017, in collaboration with Business First Magazine.

InspireTalkTV with BFM-facebook.png

All interviews have been staged face-to-face in high definition format, and recorded at the Guests’ premise or at The Cluster located in CBD Melbourne.