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For nearly two decades, Federico has built his reputation as an entrepreneurship coach, mentor, motivational speaker, business writer, and journalist across the entrepreneurial community.

He is the founder of a niche coaching practice (www.creativeentrepreneur.com.au), tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, enterprising individuals, and other world-class business leaders.

Driven by consumer lifestyle changes, Federico connects directly with people, inspiring and energising them to achieve greater things. He often draws on his personal experiences around entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, technology, consumer and lifestyle trends, design, branding, etc. 

Federico was trained at the 'Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship' in South Africa in 2013, and has been featured on a number of high profile publications including Entrepreneur.com, Virgin.com, SiliconValleyGlobeBusiness First, BRW, CEO, Wealth Creator, and Think & Grow Rich.




Damian is an expert film and video producer, an entrepreneur by heart, and Director of Digital Catch Media based in Melbourne.  With a passion for business and creative expression, Damian's expertise in video editing has enabled the InspireTalk team the opportunity to produce some amazing short videos of our guests.




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With a wealth of experience across the media arena, Jennifer Xue plays a key role within the InspireTalk program, enabling guest speakers the opportunity to broaden their reach and distribution of its editorial content and broadcasts, across the global marketplace including the US and Asia. Jennifer provides most answers to audience engagement, how to gain massive traction, and how to execute the best media strategy for guests appearing on the show.





Eliana is a marketing and social media marketing-savvy, a NLP practitioner and a beginner counsellor and coach.
She works with the team developing and delivering digital marketing strategies, managing social media channels and updating the website. 
She also assists with promoting upcoming events throughout social media and with the production of the live events.


Tomas Vyšniauskas


With a solid background in website design and development, Tomas brings a wealth of technical experience and creative input towards the show's online web presence.  A young aspiring entrepreneur himself, Tomas' vision for the long term growth and success of the show has been an asset to the organisation.




Working across our social media platforms, Deborah's passion in journalism and public relations enables the InspireTalk team to further broadcast our message into the digital world. Deborah is an articulate and creative writer, and is able to conjure that perfect message to attract and appeal to our global audiences.