During this 20 minute chat with Jeremy at his head quarters in Melbourne, Federico explores what it takes to establish a 'sustainable' business, as seen through the eyes of a sports business leader.

This insightful discussion reveals many interesting facts about the operations of the 'National Basketball League', in particular:

1. What makes the league unique amongst other world-class basketball teams;
2. How past success defines or guarantees the future prosperity of the league;
3. The definition of a ‘sustainable business’, and why this is critical for any sports league in the 21st century;
4. The importance of executive leadership and entrepreneurship in creating an environment that breeds success amongst the players;
5. How the league engages in the community;
6. The importance of the Chinese market with regards to building brand exposure; 
7. The impact of social media with regards to brand building and building a loyal fan base;
8. The impact of sponsorship with regards to the long term success of the NBL;
9. The importance and relevance of TV broadcasting;
10. How the NBL remains competitive against other major rivals across the globe and in Australia;
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