3rd February at 9.00AM AEDST - LIVE DISCUSSION

"How Love & Passion for Food inspired an Aussie Chef & Restaurateur"

I've always been fascinated about food, especially because of my Italian heritage and family roots in the heart of Sicily. Without a doubt, the Mediterranean is an epicentre of culinary delights, and 'cooking' per se, is an integral part of everyday life and its culture.

For quite some time, I've been inquisitive about the new-age term 'restaurateur', and how this profession is represented amongst popular TV shows like MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules, and Hell's Kitchen. My curiosity about this word also makes me think of the possible affiliation with the word 'entrepreneur', and the character traits that these successful individuals possess in the world of food, entertainment, and business.

In an attempt to satisfy my curiosity, I will have the exciting opportunity to meet celebrity restaurateur - George Calombaris, in a 30 minute interview on the 3rd February at 9.00am (Melbourne time).

I also invite you to tune in via this link and take notes, as well as send a question to our special guest via text (+61 408 510 378). 

My endeavour will be to explore how 'love' and 'passion' for food inspired this Aussie Chef and Restaurateur to establish his reputation as one of the 40 most influential chefs in the world. Some of his accomplishments include appearing in MasterChef, as well as building his restaurant / food empire with The Press ClubHellenic Republic,Jimmy GrantsMastic, etc.

I will be looking deep into the insights and experiences of George and closely exploring the journey he has taken as an entrepreneur within the food industry, as well as how he draws his inspiration from his Greek and Cypriot heritage.

I strongly believe that George's compelling story will be an encouragement for most aspiring restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, and chefs.