How a Young Aspiring Entrepreneur is disrupting Heavy Vehicle Maintenance

There is no doubt that Lindsay Fox is an Aussie icon and magnate within the transport and logistics industries.  Lindsay is now the 10th richest man in Australia, and his name is synonymous with Linfox, the Australian logistics company he founded in 1956.

Lindsay’s monumental success was largely attributed to his entrepreneurial instincts and determination to pioneer the transport sector, which was limited by a few regional operators. At the time, the industry was stagnant and needing a serial entrepreneur with a powerful vision to innovate a decaying sector.  Starting with just 1 vehicle, his fleet has grown to over 5000 trucks.   

Fast forward 60 years, a new kid is on the block – Sandro Tranquim.  This young aspiring entrepreneur is disrupting the ‘heavy vehicle maintenance’ trade with his family run operation (Tranquim) based in West Melbourne.    


Humble Beginnings to Industry Pioneer:

Born in Mozambique and raised in Zimbabwe, Sandro’s humble beginnings; business mentorship from his Father in the auto-electrical trade; combined with his formal training as an Engineering Technician in the UK; equipped him with the necessary skills and ambition to establish his small business in Western Australia.   In late 2015, Sandro relocated to Victoria, and has since been on a mission to rebuild his business from scratch, to deliver an unbeatable service.

Since this time, Sandro’s humble operation has achieved exponential growth and is now dominating his niche sector. Tranquim’s specialty services combine auto-electrical, mechanical, and air-conditioning repairs to heavy vehicles and plant machinery, across the waste management, haulage, and earth moving industries. In just 12 months, Tranquim is now employing 4 full-time staff, has 3 fleet vehicles, and is servicing major accounts like JJ Richard’s, Shredex, and other industry players. 

Entrepreneurial Instincts:

In a recent interview with Sandro on InspireTalk, I was able to dig deep into his mindset and explore the elements to his success, and what inspired him to take unparallel risks to heavily invest into his business with technology, vehicles, people, and a business mentor.  Sandro openly claims that a key motivator to grow his business, was his instinct to provide for his family and help fund a health issue of his younger child.   
From a commercial perspective, Sandro saw a golden opportunity to pioneer and disrupt his niche sector in Victoria. From his point of view, the industry has been stagnant and needing a complete overhaul, especially with regards to technology, customer service, and team culture. His company slogan is that “no job is too small or too complex.  We are here to remove your pain “.

In a bold attempt to please his customer, Tranquim operates ‘day and night’ across all regions of Victoria.  His mobile vehicles are equipped with state of the art technology and tools to make every customer smile. Sandro’s mission is to ‘take the pain away from the customer !’.

Disrupting a Stagnant Industry:

According to Harvard Business Review, the success of an industry sector in the 21st century will be hinging on managers [or entrepreneurs] ‘who can effectively lead businesses that compete in stagnant industries’.  In fact, growth opportunities must ‘emphasize product quality and innovative product improvement; systematically and consistently improve the efficiency of their production and distribution systems’, etc. 

In the US, a recent fleet maintenance management study conducted by TMC has revealed that ‘innovation’ is playing a key role in disrupting the next generation of truck servicing and mechanical diagnostics.  For instance, wearable technology and digital aids will transform technician productivity, giving them more powerful and efficient diagnostic tools to manage repairs more accurately and responsibly.  This will include the usage of mobile apps for smartphone and tablet devices.  

For this reason, Tranquim is now looking at adopting this form of technology in 2017 to enhance productivity and accuracy levels of his mobile technicians, and ultimately deliver a highly competitive and professional service.  


Service with a Difference:

Apart from technology, Sandro is also leveraging on his natural leadership capabilities, and Christian values to foster a healthy entrepreneurial / friendly culture across his team.  He is of the opinion that ‘quality customer service’, which is typically found or expected in other major sectors like retail, real-estate, hospitality, etc, is severely lacking in the ‘mechanics’ trade.

His simple methodology to combat this issue is to offer good quality service based on good values, healthy conduct, and ‘serving’ the customer – a fundamental philosophy adopted by Christians.  This implies training his technicians to act professionally, patiently, and with kindness. His philosophy has so far proven effective in terms of customer retention and satisfaction levels. 

Pioneers of the Future:

Just like with the transport industry revolution of the 50’s (thanks to Linsday Fox), society has since witnessed a paradigm shift in the way we do business on a day to day.  This is thanks to serial entrepreneurs, like Richard Branson, Travis Kalanick, or even Mark Zuckerberg, who have pioneered their industry sector and had the courage to go against the grain to disrupt the way things are done.

I have no doubt therefore that the future disruption of the ‘heavy vehicle maintenance’ trade will rest on the shoulders of Sandro Tranquim and other young aspiring entrepreneurs entering the workforce.


This article has been exclusively written by Federico Re for Prime Mover magazine for the February, 2017 online edition.