23rd July

Daniel Flynn.jpg

(Founders - 'Thankyou Group')

"It’s more than just Water: why 'Thankyou' is on a mission to combat Global Poverty"

Federico Re interviews 'Thankyou' founders Daniel Flynn and Jarryd Burns at their Melbourne headquarters.

During this 20 minute discussion, Federico digs deep into the Company's ethos, to uncover the efforts made by this philanthropic organisation to combat global poverty with the sale of their sanitary products. 

Questions asked included:

1. Why they started a business selling water;

2. What are the pros and cons of running a business with 3 co-founders ? How do their roles vary;

3. What were the initial challenges they faced entering the saturated retail industry;

4. How the Thankyou group plays a part in combating global poverty;

5. How social entrepreneurship plays a part in fuelling innovation and disrupting the water beverage industry;

6. At what point did they decide to diversify their products;

7. How they were able to build a financially viable business with 100% of their profits being used to fuel 3rd party projects;

8. How collaboration is key when establishing goals within the company;

9. How creative social branding played a part in establishing the brand in the marketplace;

10. Looking at the future of ‘philanthropy’, what changes do they envisage over the next 10 years;