(CEO - 'World Vision' Australia)

29th November

"Adapt, Disrupt, and Collaborate: the formula to success for a Social Innovator in solving Global Issues"

Claire Rogers 2017 photo.jpg

In this episode, Federico Re meets Claire Rogers - CEO of 'World Vision' Australia.

During the 30 minute discussion on InspireTalkTV, Claire describes her senior leadership role at this global not-for-profit organisation, and why she considers herself a 'social innovator'.

She outlines the importance and relevance of collaboration, social media, technology, and education, as a means to solving global poverty issues.

Federico delves deep into a range of topics with Claire and explores:

1. What inspired her to join World Vision and her quest to focus on social innovation;
2. How technology has changed the face of philanthropy over the past 20 years;
3. Why business leaders need to adapt and disrupt, regardless of the industry;
4. The importance of  ‘collaboration’ and why this is the new currency of the 21st century;
5. How culture, faith, and gender may be a cause a conflict in solving global issues;
6. The importance of 'education' within impoverished countries, and the limit to how much education should be invested into these regions;
7. The responsibility of the government, private enterprise, and individual citizens to combat global problems like poverty;
8. The future landscape of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy, and the changes that will take place over the next 20 years;

This discussion will be an inspiration to many social entrepreneurs and philanthropists around the world. 

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