What is InspireTalk ?

InspireTalk is a digital radio and TV show with a core aim to inspireeducate, and entertain the minds of audiences around the world.

You will get the chance to meet a number of high profile speakers across a variety of industry sectors including businesseducationentertainmentsportsmediapoliticssciencetechnologyretail, investment, and more.  

Our aim is to provide you with valuable insights and useful tips on:

1.  How people got started;

2. What inspired them to start their business or build their career within a chosen field;

3. The challenges they faced during their early pioneering years;

4.  The values and practices that were critical to achieving the desired outcomes;

5. The future outlook of their industry and the opportunities this can present to other business leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and other enterprising individuals who are seeking to pioneer and disrupt this market.

Our Guests

We are seeking game changes, pioneers, rule breakers, innovators, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, inventors, or simply people with a compelling story that will be of value to our audiences.

Some of our past VIP guests have included: Oliver Horn ('Swisse Wellness'),  George Calombaris ('MasterChef'), Michael E. Gerber ('E-myth' books), Janine Allis ('Boost Juice'), Sam Moran (ex Yellow 'Wiggle'), Joe Cross ('Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead'), Jack Delosa ('The Entourage'), etc.  

Our Audience

We are building a quality and interactive audience across the globe, and developing long lasting relationships.  Our target market includes aspiring and serial entrepreneurs, business leaders, CEO’s, astute investors, venture capitalists, start-up business owners, enterprising individuals, and other world-class people.  



Stay tuned for ongoing updates on our new  TV show which was launched on 4th July 2017, encompassing interviews with high profile and distinguished guests across Australia, and recorded in high definition (HD) format.  

We will be showcasing the stories of successful people within the Australian community, and enabling them to broadcast their message across the globe with the support of our global media partners.


Our radio broadcasts are streamed LIVE and accessed on our YouTube channel for easy viewing and listening.    We invite you to tune in, take notes, and ask questions to our special guests. If you missed the live event, we invite you to access our recorded podcasts via this page

Our Journey

The vision and concept behind InspireTalk Radio was originally formulated by Federico Re in 2014 in connection with his other business venture 'The Face of Entrepreneurs' which he co-founded in Melbourne during this time.

In May, 2015, InspireTalk Radio was officially launched with the support of his team and co-hosts Stuart Harris, Ranil Rajapaksha, Wendy Grenfell, and Laura Huxley. Since this time, Federico has played a key role as the main host, adding tremendous value and authenticity to the program.  He has also acted as CEO and pioneered the future expansion of the program.

In July, 2017, the show will evolve from an experimental digital radio show, to a fully fledged media program (InspireTalkTV) incorporating TV production, article placement and syndication, media distribution, and sponsorship.