What is InspireTalk ?

InspireTalk is a digital broadcasting channel with a core mission of bringing genuine people, with genuine success stories, to an online platform.  

You will get the chance to meet a number of high profile speakers or 'game changers' across a variety of industries encompassing business,  entrepreneurship,  education,  entertainmentsportsmediapoliticssciencetechnologyretail, and more.  

Most of our events are streamed LIVE via Google Hangout and accessed on our YouTube channel for easy viewing and listening.    We invite you to tune in, take notes, and ask questions to our special guests.  

Some of our VIP guests are interviewed face to face in a professional studio or at their work premise or office, to ensure a high quality transmission in High Definition.

Our aim is to provide you with valuable insights and useful advice on:

1.  How people got started;

2. What inspired them to do what they do; 

3. What it took to achieve success and the challenges they faced on their journey; 

4.  The values and practices that were critical to achieving desired outcomes;


We will look to inspire the very people we want to have on the show, when they too can tell us and you their very own success story. 

We are seeking game changes, pioneers, rule breakers, innovators, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, inventors, or simply people with a powerful message that will be of value to our audiences.

InspireTalk brings together a talented group of self-made people in their own right. Our key host is a serial entrepreneur who has pioneered and developed businesses across a range of industry sectors including retail, business coaching, events, and broadcasting.

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower the global community of aspiring entrepreneurs, with 'Your Voice of Influence'. 

Some of our VIP guests include: George Calombaris ('MasterChef'), Michael E. Gerber ('E-myth' books), Janine Allis ('Boost Juice'), Sam Moran (ex Yellow 'Wiggle'), Joe Cross ('Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead'), Jack Delosa ('The Entourage'), etc.  

                                               YOUR HOST



The vision and concept behind the InspireTalk radio show was originally formulated by Federico Re in 2014 in connection with his other business venture 'The Face of Entrepreneurs' which he co-founded in Melbourne during this time.

In May, 2015, InspireTalk was rebranded and officially launched with the support of his team and co-hosts Stuart Harris, Ranil Rajapaksha, Wendy Grenfell, and Laura Huxley. 

During the past 2 years, the show has evolved from an experimental digital radio show with a range of co-hosts, to a fully commercialised business model in January, 2017.  Since this time, Federico has taken centre stage and acted as THE host, having had the privilege to interview many distinguished guests from the world which has added tremendous value and authenticity to the program.  

In addition, the show has rapidly evolved with the implementation of a new series compilation: The Disruptors and The Game Changers, enabling business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and other enterprising individuals the opportunity to broadcast their message across the digital media channel, with the valuable support of other third-party media channels / publications.